Tips for How to get free eBooks from Libraries by OverDrive


OverDrive is an application to ease you in borrowing, reading or downloading eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from the local and state library in town. If you are curious about how to get free eBooks from libraries by OverDrive, then you are lucky because that’s the article about. Before watching the steps on how to make use of OverDrive to borrow and download books, you should know that this application supports the need of millennial generations who like practical things. You do not need to go to the physical library to borrow books anymore as you can even download them for free.

Tips for How to get free eBooks from Libraries by OverDrive

Let’s get free eBooks from Libraries by OverDrive

1. Get a Library Card

To get free eBooks, audiobooks, and even videos from OverDrive is an easy thing if you have the app. Therefore, make sure that you have downloaded and installed OverDrive in your digital platforms. After that, find a library near your current position. If you can’t find any library nearby, then choose local libraries near you. Check the book collections. If they match with your liking, don’t hesitate to start signing up. Fill out the online application to get a library card. This card is your key to get free eBooks. However, if the local library doesn’t provide this card, then you can get it from the bigger library on the state by visiting the place and filling out the application there. Once you have got the card, you are close to the opportunity to get free eBooks from libraries by OverDrive.

2. Know Your Device

There are some devices to read, borrow, and download free eBooks, audiobooks, and videos via OverDrive, for instance, Chromebook, Windows or Mac Computer, Android, and iOS. So that’s why it is important to know your device to get free eBooks from libraries by OverDrive. Common eBook formats in OverDrive are Adobe ePUB and PDF. Meanwhile, if your device is Chromebook or Mac Computer, make sure you have installed and updated Adobe Digital, so you won’t get any trouble opening the book file after downloading. In addition, for audiobooks, OverDrive has provided Media Console software and apps for Mac, Android, and iOS.

3. Time to Read

After getting the library card and downloading, now it is time to enjoy the book. There are lots of collections from libraries in OverDrive that you can read, borrow, and download. Use this opportunity to read as many books as possible. Also, let your friends and family know how to get free eBooks, audiobooks, and videos via OverDrive by delivering this message. The more is the merrier, right?

All the books provided in OverDrive are free. Besides, the collections are complete because they are mostly taken from the largest library in town. If this information is new for you, then you just go hurry downloading OverDrive in your device. It can help you to find good references for essay without even going to the ‘real’ library. Why wasting time to search books in a physical library if you can get free eBooks from libraries by OverDrive?

4. Free Books

When it seeks how to get free PDF books on the web, Free Books site is recommended source of online books library that you have to visit. You won’t not be amazed when make sense of that Free books has many books on their accumulation. The gathering is accessible to download and perused for nothing. Their accumulations are for the most part in PDF. In any case, some of them are additionally accessible in type of MOBI and EPUB. You can choose any book arranges that you like.


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