Review Book – Stephen King’s The Long Walk


Review book Stephen King’s The Long Walk was first distributed in 1979 and it was one of the books that Stephen King distributed under his pen name Richard Bachman.

Maybe, today, we may perceive the topic of the Long Walk as being identified with the numerous unscripted television demonstrates we see on TV, however the novel was really composed well before unscripted television started to overwhelm our screens.

Review Book – Stephen King’s The Long Walk

The long walk

The novel is set not long from now. America is controlled by a totalitarian government and, consistently, an alleged donning occasion called The Walk is held that is controlled by the administration and viewed by millions on TV.

In the occasion, one hundred young men participate in a walk that starts in Maine and takes after a course down the eastern shore of the USA. There is no end goal; the champ of the walk is, truly, the last young person who is left alive and as yet walking.

The young men must walk constant, day and night, at a pace that never dips under four miles for every hour. In the event that they do dip under that speed for over 30 seconds, they are given a notice. On the off chance that they dip under it more than three times, they are ticketed, which fundamentally implies they are shot dead by an officer. The prize for the last kid left walking is anything that he wants, for whatever remains of his life. Be that as it may, a large number of the individuals who have won the race have been left so physically and rationally scarred by the experience that they have submitted suicide not long after winning the race.

The individuals who have never perused a Stephen King novel may believe that a plot like that is a formula for the shocking portrayal of one grim passing after another, yet there is significantly more to Stephen King’s The Long Walk than that.

The novel may not be also composed as some of his later books, after all it was his to begin with, yet it’s as yet a captivating investigation of a little gathering of individuals who have been put together and set against incomprehensible chances. A portion of the walkers shape free unions, some remain quiet about their musings and some assistance each other along the route, regardless of that reality that just a single of them will at last survive the experience.

While the young men walk themselves into their graves, observers line the course and watch the race on TV. They put down wagers on who will win the race and will’s identity the by bite the dust. The entire thing is exhibited like a noteworthy national occasion, yet as a general rule, it is simply one more means by which the administration keeps the populace curbed.

In the event that you have never perused a Stephen King book, The Long Walk would be a decent place to begin, particularly if wicked comedians and werewolves are not your thing. It’s a book that may even tear some of the present young people far from their recreations supports and get them into the propensity for perusing!

Stephen King’s Long Walk is a superb perused for anybody. You may not imagine that an account of one hundred young people walking at four miles for every hour would be an exciting perused, however the way that Stephen King discloses to it implies that it absolutely is.


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