Review Book: Glitch in the System


Review Book: Glitch in the System – Debuting as a compelling and uncompromisingly great read, Adam Aust’s A Glitch in the System brings perusers the bleeding edge of the spine chiller sort with its riveting merging, puzzle and legitimate intrigue that has a dominatrix racing against time and the chances to tackle an engulfing secret that is totally destroying her life.

Review Book: Glitch in the System

Glitch in the System

In an especially fascinating and intriguingly innovative account, writer Aust treats his perusers to a gripper of a story that effectively streams with the spine tingling continuity like other surely understood thrill ride authors like John Grisham. The story is saturated with a plot infused with keenly arranged and flowing turns that loan to this being an intrepidly scintillating perused that you need to finish in one sitting.

Furthermore, what is striking about this book is the crude and abrasive nature of the story, combined with alternating and unflinching observer perspectives to the damaging powers at work that utilization the lawful system to totally demolish the life of the story’s improbable heroine, Angela Gianni. Angela, a dominatrix with prominent customer base, all of a sudden finds herself amidst a frenzy after her closest companion Samara, a paid escort, vanishes in the wake of coming to Angela’s home needing comfort and a place to remain in the wake of breaking up with her sweetheart Preston Knighton, an alluring, prominent lawyer. Angela ends up noticeably frightened after Samara leaves to get the remainder of her belongings at her ex’s home and stays away for the indefinite future.

Normally terrified by her companion’s vanishing, Angela looks for help and searches for answers herself. In any case, she soon finds her ordinarily tranquil and effectively prudent life all of a sudden overturned by the revelation of her companion’s body; as well as the assortments of her own sweetheart and another customer on her property. Ramrodded by conditions, Angela finds herself inexorably sucked into a deepening lawful chasm swirling with sex, savagery, obscure recollections, trickeries, and expansive malignant machinations.

Additionally, albeit spoke to by a choice lawyer specializing in death row cases to speak to her, things seem bleak for Angela as she endures hugely. Her believability is ruined, her life is continually undermined, and fortuitous confirmation that makes her out to be a psychopathic killer seemingly leaving her with nothing however the way to death row in her future.

Altogether absorbing, I delighted in A Glitch in the System. It was an astounding grown-up themed spine chiller rich with puzzle, invigorated by sharp storytelling, very much arranged plot turns, and a remarkably sympathetic heroine. Aficionados of first rate spine chillers will definitely appreciate this read.


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