How to Make Your Own Cookbook for Beginner


Writing cookbook seems easy with just recipe and photo for foods. However, how to make your own cookbook for beginner? There are some steps to follow in order to make excellent cookbook for any purpose and utilization. The next section will explore more about such matter.

Make Your Own Cookbook for Beginner

Step by Step in How to Make Your Own Cookbook

1. Purpose
You do not have to be professional chef to have your own cookbook. Even though your cooking skill is moderate, you have right to create cookbook. The main issue is about purpose or goal of this book. For publishing book, it takes long journey until the book is on market. On contrary, there is family book or special occasion which cookbook becomes relevant to publish. At first, you can create cookbook for just private or family utilization. After many people recognize such book, you can find opportunity to publish through major publisher.

2. Theme
Purpose will come side by side with theme. This is important factor to consider after you determine the purpose of book. As part of how to make your own cookbook, theme influences recipe, design, and any process in the next step. Theme does not necessary relate to food or ingredient. You may pick general or specific theme that represents life such as love, holiday, Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc.

3. Selecting recipe
Selecting recipe means finding the right materials to put into cookbook. “Is it right to use other recipes to put on my own cookbook?” This is crucial question because you will violate the copyright when your cookbook is published through major company. On contrary, this is not a problem if cookbook is only for personal usage without publication. It is better to pick recipes that you already know. Cookbook is not just collection of recipe where you just put anything randomly. You can write better cookbook due to experience to cook for certain recipe and write on your own words.

4. Book design
If the recipes are ready then it is time to jump into designing process. For your information, cookbook seems fancier in design within photo and illustration. Keep in mind that cookbook is not collection of photo, so take picture only to support the recipe. Readers need to read and the photo will increase their understanding about the result. You can hire expert or professional to handle design process. Some templates are available online with no charge. You should have skill in design, even only novice.

5. Publishing
When your book is ready, you can publish via many methods. Everyone can make cookbook, so the competition is tough. Moreover, people like to share recipe and cooking via social media that’s free and more accessible. If you intend to publish cookbook, try self-publishing in digital form. Today, smartphone users take advantage to read via their device. For personal usage, you can print the book then bind in hardcover.
Cookbook is also suitable gift for birthday, celebration, or any event. You can create personal cookbook then give it to the special person as gift. Five steps above are the best basic you must to know. The key is at first place, which is purpose. Therefore, just determine your purpose and the rest will follow.


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